AMSTERDAM – In debatcentrum De Balie in Amsterdam werd 1 december 2014 een debat georganiseerd met de scherpe titel “Zionisme, IS en Hamas, zoek de verschillen

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Op 1 december j.l. een debatavond, georganiseerd door Uitgeverij van Praag, uitgenodigd o.a.:  Kees v.d. Staaij, SGP, 2e kamer lid, R. v.d. Wieken, Bart Nooitgedacht, Sonja van den Ende,

AMSTERDAM – In debatcentrum De Balie in Amsterdam werd 1 december j.l., avond een debat georganiseerd met de scherpe titel “Zionisme, IS en Hamas, zoek de verschillen”. De avond stond in het teken om deze verschillen te benadrukken. Helaas waren de pro-palestijnen in de minderheid, verder werd er gediscussierd over de rol van IS in Nederland en daarbij verglijkingen getrokken met HAMAS.

Voor de, is het duidelijk, HAMAS is een vrijheidsbeweging met een orthodoxe ideologische godsdienstige achtergrond met als doel GAZA te bevrijden van de Zionisten.
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De Zionisten hebben als ideologie een socialistische achtergrond, maar naar wat ik hoorde deze avond, gebaseerd op het geloof, het Jodendom,  dus zij staan niet voor een seculier Israël, maar gaan uit van de interpretatie van de Torah, dus weinig verschil met HAMAS.

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De IS, of ISIS of ISIL, is naar mijn inziens wel een terroristische organisatie, overeenkomst met het ZIONISME is het bezetten van land, n.l. dat van de Palestijnen en delen van de Syrische GOLAN hoogte,  de IS bezet delen van Syrië en Irak op een meer geweldadige manier dan de zionisten. Maar feit blijft dat zij onrechtmatig land verworven hebben.

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Al is de oorlog van afgelopen zomer, gericht tegen de bewoners van de GAZA een regelrechte agressie tegen de burgers van GAZA, waar 2000 mensen, o.a. veel kinderen zijn vermoord!

Nog te vermelden is dat Israël het 5e grootste leger van de wereld heeft, tegen de stenen en huisgemaakte raketten van de Palestijnen, een ongelijke strijd dus!

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Dear comrades and supporters in Netherlands 

Please I would like to invite you to ask and courage all your people to involve with the global day action on 12 of December .and we look for your help and support !

The Human rights defenders group and Free Shireen Issawi campaign are working with groups and organisations worldwide for a Global day of action on 12th of December 2014 to support political prisoners. Political prisoners deserve that a day should be devoted to them. They are people who suffer and are prepared to be jailed for the cause of social and political justice and their people’s freedom and against Israel occupation in Palestine . The cause of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is one of the strongest but it is not just Palestinians imprisoned who fight and are arrested for Palestine. One should remember Gorge Ibrahim Abdalalh who is in a French jail. 
As an activists involved with the Palestinian cause we would like to ask you and your organisation to join and support this global day.

   Contributed to making justice and be a part of the freedom history

For more information Please
On behalf of Human Rights coordinator Group
Free Shireen Issawi campaign

The lawyer Shireen Issawi
Palestinian lawyers, Shireen and Shadi Issawi and Amjad Al Safadi were arrested on 6th March 2014, Omar As Skafi, Mahmoud Abou Asnina and Nadim Al Gharib were also arrested around this time. Shireen’s brother, Medhat Issawi, the office manager for the legal firm where all the lawyers work was arrested six days later on March 12th. Shadi was swiftly released on bail but Shireen and Medhat remain imprisoned. Their court hearing has been postponed for a year. The other human rights lawyers were released on bail after 50 days detention.
Tragically, Al Safadi was found hung in his home five days after his release from Moskobiyeh, Jerusalem’s notorious underground detention centre. Al Safadi was a psychiatric patient who was denied his regular medication while imprisoned. Medical neglect is an ongoing problem in Israeli prisons and a root cause of many protests. It is believed Safadi took his own life due to intense interrogation (including electric shocks) over a 42 day period, sleep deprivation and denial of medical care.
Like 40% of all Palestinian men, Shireen’s brothers have all been imprisoned. Dedicated to the prisoner issue Shireen writes that she will work until all the prisoners are freed.
‘Being a lawyer, I have the right to defend prisoners. I have only provided legal services and have not acted unlawfully. The goal of my detention is to deter other lawyers from doing their duty to serve and defend prisoners’.
Shireen who was the spoke

sperson for her brother, Samer Issawi during his 270 day hunger strike has gone on hunger strike at her unjust imprisonment. There are currently7000 prisoners in Israeli prisons including 200 children and 19 women. 120 prisoners are on hunger strike in protest at holding prisoners in Administrative detention – without charge or trial.

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Human Rights Defenders Group

Free Shireen Issawi Campaign 

Barghouthi put in solitary confinement after ‘armed resistance’ call

Barghouthi put in solitary confinement after ‘armed resistance’ call

Jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouthi has been placed in solitary confinement after publishing a letter calling for a return to “armed resistance” against the Israeli occupation, a Palestinian NGO said on Wednesday.

The Ramallah-based Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement that Barghouthi had been placed in solitary as a “punishment” for a letter published on Tuesday commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of veteran Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

A spokesman for Israel Prisons Service confirmed Barghouthi had been placed in solitary, but said it was because he had given interviews to the press.

Marwan Barghouti

“Marwan Barghouthi was sentenced yesterday to seven days of isolation and handed a fine for having given media interviews, which he is not allowed to do,” he said.

Even though Barghouthi has supported peaceful resistance throughout the years and denounced attacks against Israeli settlers, in Tuesday’s letter he encouraged Palestinians to adopt “armed resistance.”

Barghouti said “choosing global and armed resistance” was being “faithful to Arafat’s legacy, his ideas and his principles.”

He also urged the Palestinian Authority leadership to “put an immediate end to security cooperation” with Israel.

“It is imperative to reconsider our choice of resistance as a way of defeating the occupier,” he wrote.

The call came after months of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in and around annexed East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Barghouthi, who is widely believed to have masterminded the 2000-2005 Second Intifada, wrote the letter from his cell in Hadarim prison where he is serving five life sentences for attacks against the Israeli Occupation Forces.

“Isolating Marwan Barghouthi shows the confusion experienced by the Israeli police and security establishment,” the Prisoners’ Club said.

“It also proves that Yasser Arafat is still scaring them from his grave and Marwan from his cell.”

A senior figure within the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Barghouthi was arrested in 2002 and sentenced two years later.

He still wields huge influence from inside prison and is considered the only serious challenger to Abbas, with surveys regularly naming him as favorite to win elections should he be released from jail.

PPS Netherlands

Sad news about Shireen Issawi


This is a message from Laila Issawi after visiting her daughter Shireen in prison on the 3rd of November 2014. She was unable to write about her daughter yesterday because she was exhausted both physically and mentally, and it took a great effort for her to write these words while she was feeling that pain. Don’t forget that Shireen has been held in isolation since August 5th, and still is.
Dear all friends

This is the message of her mother:
“Yesterday I went to visit my daughter Shireen, and I suffered from this visit in a way that I will not forget. Usually, when I visit her, it comforts me, and makes me forget my physical exhaustion, but this time it really wrecked me. Shireen was ill and looked thin and exhausted, as if she had been sick for a long time, and when I asked her how she was doing, she told me: ‘Since the day of the trial I have been feeling very cold, and started having pain and shivers in my whole body, and caught a cold. Until now, I am still in the same condition”. May God bring you health, my daughter.I had not sat there for half an hour, and then a servicewoman came and said: “The visit is over.” 

I asked her why only half an hour, while we always visit 45 minutes, and she answered that she is being punished. I told her that we always visit her for 45 minutes while she is being punished. She said: “This is the law”, so I didn’t answer her and we left. On the way home, all the time I was thinking about my daughter, and about who is looking after her while she is living in an isolation cell that is cold and damp.

When we arrived home I felt dizzy, and had a headache, and when I checked my blood sugar I found it severely elevated, up to 465, so I took an injection of insulin and sat on my bed, as I couldn’t sleep from thinking about my daughter, may God protect her.

The message of Shireen to those who are struggling for the rights of the political prisoners, was that she is calling upon you to continue on this road, for the sake of the sick prisoners in the Ramleh hospital, and for the prisoners who are on a hunger strike, and that their cause must be reactivated, and she calls upon you to stay true to the service of the motherland and the political prisoners.”

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Samir Issawi Threatens Open Hunger Strike

A Palestinian member of the Zionist Knesset, Basel Ghattas, said that the prisoner, Samer Issawi, has threatened an open hunger strike after Israel overturned the agreement according to which he was released as part of the Shalit deal.

This was announced by the activist, Badia Dwaik, coordinator of the international Free Shireen Issawi Campaign and the Human Rights Defenders initiative. He reported that the lawyer, Ghattas, called the family last Friday and informed them of Samir’s intention to begin an open hunger strike if he is not released following his rearrest on 23/6/2014 along with many other former political prisoners previously released in accordance with the Shalit deal.

When the Issawi family visited Samir in Jalboa prison last Sunday they noticed several signs of physical weakness including jaundice in his face, significant weight loss and severe pain in his kidney area which flares up when he eats and causes him difficulty in sleeping.

His family appealed to the free world, international humanitarian and rights organisations and the delegation negotiating his arrest to intervene quickly to put pressure on Israel to release all of the political prisoners formerly released as part of the Shalit deal who have been rearrested.

It is worth noting that the Free Shireen Issawi Campaign is an international campaign which was launched to put international pressure on Israel to free Shireen Issawi (Samir’s sister) and to raise global awareness of the issue of prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli military occupation.

The Free Shireen Issawi Campaign is affiliated to Human Rights Defenders, a national, non-partisan initiative working to mobilise and guide the Palestinian people in the unarmed popular resistance and to document the violations of the Israeli occupation through peaceful grassroots work.

You can watch the interview with the mother of the Palestinian political prisoners, Shireen, Samir, and Medhat  in English by clicking on the link below. If you can, share it with your mother too…
Badia DwaIK 

Phone :00970+599199161
Skype : Badiadwaik1
Palestine – Hebron

Health of Samir Issawi, world’s longest hunger striker, rapidly deteriorating


Health of Samir Issawi, world’s longest hunger striker, rapidly deteriorating


Following a phone call with the Issawi family today, Sunday 14/09/2014, we were informed that the Issawi family has visited their son, Samir, in Jalbua prison (north Israel). His family reported that Issawi appeared to be suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, yellowing of the skin and a noticeable loss of weight. He told them that he is suffering from pain in the region of his kidneys, which is affecting his ability to eat and sleep. Issawi also expressed surprise at the lack of details surrounding the terms of the ceasefire talks in Cairo which concerns the issue of re-arrested former prisoners as according to the Shalit deal. He also complained that he has been banned from seeing a lawyer since his re-arrest on 23/06/2014.

سامر العيساوي صاحب أطول اضراب عن الطعام في التاريخ في وضع صحي متدهور

بعد الاتصال مع عائلة العيساوي اليوم الاحد 14/09/2014 تم أخبارنا بأن عائلة سامر العيساوي قد زارت ابنها سامر العيساوي في سجن جلبوع وقد لاحظ الأهل ظواهر التعب والاعياء والاصفرار ونقص ملحوظ في الوزن و اخبرهم بوجود ألالام في الكلية ولا يستطيع الاكل بسهولة نتيجة الألام والتي لا تجعله ينام جيدا بالليل . كما استغرب العيساوي عدم وجود اي تفاصيل واضحة في المفاوضات التي تمت في القاهرة بخصوص بنود وقف اطلاق النار بما يتعلق بقضية الاسرى المحررين حسب صفقة شاليط والذين تم اعادة اعتقالهم كما اشتكى عدم زيارة اي محام له منذ اعادة اعتقالة في شهر 23/06/2014.

La salud de Samer Issawi, que hizo la huelga de hambre más larga del mundo, se deteriora rápidamente

Por vía telefónica, la familia Issawi nos ha informado hoy, domingo 14-09-2014, que han visitado a su hijo Samer, en la cárcel de Gilboa (al norte de Israel). Lo vieron agotado, fatigado, con la piel amarillenta y notable pérdida de peso. Les dijo que está sufriendo dolores en la zona renal, y tiene dificultades para comer y dormir. También se mostró sorprendido por la falta de precisiones sobre los términos de las conversaciones de alto el fuego en El Cairo respecto al asunto de los prisioneros liberados según el Acuerdo Shalit que han sido rearrestados. Y denunció que se le ha prohibido ver a un abogado desde que fue rearrestado el 23-06-2014.

la santé de Samir Issawi, la plus longue grève de la faim du monde, se dégrade actuellement rapidement

Suite à un appel téléphonique avec la famille Issawi aujourd’hui, dimanche 14/09/2014, nous avons été informés que la famille Issawi a visité leur fils, Samir, à la prison Jalbua (nord d’Israël). Sa famille a indiqué que Issawi semblait souffrir d’épuisement, de fatigue, il a un jaunissement de la peau et une perte considérable de poids. Il leur a dit qu’il souffre de douleurs dans la région des reins, ce qui affecte sa capacité à manger et dormir. Issawi a également exprimé sa surprise face à l’absence de détails concernant les modalités des pourparlers de cessez-le-feu au Caire concernant la question de la réarrestation d’anciens prisonniers de l’accord Shalit, qui ont tous été arrêtés de nouveau. Il s’est également plaint d’avoir été interdit de voir un avocat depuis son arrestation, le 23/06/2014.

With my best
Badee dwaik 
The coordinator of Shireen Issawi campaign

FREE Suhaib Zahida Facebook Palestinian Activist

Suhaib Zahida


HEBRON– An Israeli court on Friday extended the detention of a Palestinian activist who was detained for political activities on Facebook for a week, a Ma’an reporter said on Saturday.

An Israeli court in Petah Tikva extended the detention of Suhaib Zahida, 31, until Sept. 4, after he was arrested on Thursday for creating a page on Facebook called “the Intifada of Hebron” in addition to leading a campaign for the boycott of Israeli products.

Zahida had previously participated in several nonviolent campaigns opposing the Israeli occupation and was an active member of groups working to oppose the recruitment of Palestinian citizens of Israel to the Israeli military.

Palestinians inside Israel have been previously detained for short periods of time and questioned regarding their political activities on Facebook, but such arrests rarely occur in the West Bank.

In October, Israeli authorities arrested Palestinian citizen of Israel Razi al-Nabulsi, 23, for a week as a result of Facebook posts they argued constituted “incitement.”


The whole world is watching Gaza, but in the Westbank thousands of people are being imprisoned during operating Protective Edge

Palestinian detainees in Operation Protective Edge.


PPS: Israeli Authorities Arrested 597 Palestinians during August


The Israeli authorities arrested 597 Palestinians from the West Bank governorates, including Jerusalem, since the start of August, said Saturday Palestine Prisoners Society (PPC).

In a press release, PPS said that the arrest operations were concentrated in Jerusalem and Hebron as 190 Palestinians and 102 others were arrested from Jerusalem and Hebron respectively in the cruelest arrest operations launched since mid June.

PPC said that 74 Palestinians were arrested from Ramallah and Al-Bireh, 63 from Jenin, 54 from Bethlehem, 45 from Nablus, 23 from Tulkarem, 22 from Salfit, 11 from Qalqilya, 7 from Jericho and 6 from Tubas.

PPC pointed out that among the prisoners were two girls; they were arrested from Jerusalem and Ramallah. Following Israel’s arrest of over 2,000 Palestinians in mid June, the total number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails has jumped to over 7,000.




source: Wafa, Haarezt, PPS Ramallah


The Netherlands one the most pro-zionist country in Europe

By : Sonja

Yes unfortunately, the Netherlands is one the most pro-zionist country in Europe…

Always looking the other side, when something is happening in Palestine, always the same slogan Israel has its right to defend itself, lately Premier Rutte of the Netherlands kept on repeating this in his weekly Friday talk with the Dutch media, the only thing he could say is that Hamas is using its people as Human shields, no word about the more then 100 people, among them children, who were killed by Israelian rockets and boms..


This is not all, after investigation, I found out that even politicians, who are opposing Israel (mainly left-wing parties) and its crimes against the Palestinian people are blackmailed by the CIDI (Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israël –ël). (Information Centre for Israel, located in den Haag).

Ofcourse, we have Geert Wilders in the Netherlands (PVV (tea) Party) , who wants to co-operate with ultra-rigt parties in Europe, but failing to do so, why? Simple the rest of the ultra-wing right parties are against  jews, but Geert his party, is  the only party in Europe which is a real Zionist party, he himself, which  rumours go, is part Jewish, also his mysterious wife from Hungary is Jewish, his party is sponsored by the Israelian Lobby in the USA. He is a real fanatic when it comes to Islam, condeming etnic groups in the Netherlands, but he and his party are talking a lot but no action is taken, a complete failure, thank God for that.

The left parties in the Netherlands: Well don’t expect anything from them, the so-called PVDA (supposed to be a left  party) is in fact a Zionist party, they deliver since the 2nd world war always the mayor of Amsterdam, which are all Jewish Mayors, if you look at the history every single one was Jewish! The other left parties: Groenlinks, Socialist Party, Communist Party and other small parties, of which we have many in the Netherlands, are not saying openly thay  they are against Zionism or the USA, they are afraid to open their mouth, when they do, your political carreer is over, you get sued by court and threathend by the CIDI, so you have to be in public a zionist otherwise you can’t funtion in the Netherlands in any high-position.


Amsterdam is the most pro-zionist capital in Europe, the Anne-Frank house, dare not to say any bad thing about it, then again you are an anti-semite, the many Diamond traders, after Antwerpen, Belgium, the biggest in the world, Amsterdam-zuid, the most richest part of Amsterdam, nearly totally inhabited by Jewish people, also the diamond companies are located there and in the city-centre.


So, people of the Netherlands, you can demonstrate, which some of us do, but  the majority of the Dutch people don’t, simply because, of the brainwashed society who tells you, why you go demonstrate? Nothing will change !!! So people don’t bother to go, but when there is a demonstration the Press doesn’t show up, also believe it or not, the Press is a pro-zionist press, they suppose to be independent, but they are not.

index.jpg wordt weergegeven

If Anne Frank had lived in this century, she surely would be an activist for Palestine….everybody who is concerned with human right ought to be..


The Jewish people have suffered a lot in the 2nd world war and what happened to them is really awfull, but they did’t learn from it and became extremist themselves, taking other people’s land, put them in Ghetto’s like Gaza, build a wall and fences around them, tell the outside world they are terrorists because, they want to kill the Jewish people, if the Israelian attitude stays like this, more people around, who are not afraid and care about human rights will fight against zionism!

You can call us anti-semite, undemocratic, terrorist, we don’t care, justice will prevail, lies and suppression will always loose.












Timmermans erg bezorgd over escalatie Gaza

De wereld weer op zijn kop Timmermans schrijft: de Raketbeschietingen moeten stoppen en Israël heeft het recht zich te verdedigen, iedereen gaat er gewoon aan voorbij dat Israël nu meer dan 35 mensen gedood heeft ook kinderen, in Israël is niemand gedood, Israël is het 5e leger ter wereld en Hamas heeft alleen self-made raketten, de mensen zitten in een openlucht gevangenis, een getto zouden ze in de 2e wereldoorlog zeggen en dan nog steeds volhouden dat Israël het recht zich te verdedigen heeft, tegen wat? Palestina heeft het recht op vrijheid en de Palestijnen recht op een menswaardig bestaan die zij sinds bijna 70 jaar niet hebben, verdreven, gevlucht en uitgemoord door het Israëlische hi-tech leger, schande zo’n houding van Timmermans en Nederland, zoals ik zei de PvdA is met recht een pro-zionistische partij geworden of was het allang ?

Timmermans erg bezorgd over escalatie Gaza

Minister Frans Timmermans van Buitenlandse Zaken maakt zich ‘grote zorgen’ over de escalatie van de strijd tussen Israël en de Palestijnse beweging Hamas.

“De escalatie van geweld in de afgelopen dagen maakt een politieke oplossing alleen maar moeilijker, terwijl alleen een politieke oplossing vrede kan brengen, daarover kan geen misverstand bestaan. Het is zaak de spiraal van geweld nu te doorbreken”, schrijft hij op zijn Facebookpagina.

Volgens Timmermans moeten de raketbeschietingen uit Gaza stoppen en heeft Israël het recht zich daartegen te verdedigen. “Nederland roept op tot kalmte en terughoudendheid.” Hij betreurt de burgerslachtoffers in Gaza als gevolg van Israëlische beschietingen. In Gaza vielen zeker al 23 doden.


Bron: RTL nieuws